Why Ronaldo's quote? Because 5th time playing  world cup record It is about Spirit

World famous football or soccer player 

Also known as Cr-7. 

Winning is Ronaldo's favorite word

Winning in own positivity, creativity, and spirit toward  the own goal

"Cristiano Ronaldo said: "My father was always in good spirits"

Point: Connect with right spirit,which gives  Enthusiasm

Cristiano Ronaldo started dreaming at the age of 7 and had a big dream

Taught us Dream should be high

"My father educate me that when you help other people, then God will give double to you"

Entrepreneur should give competitive value through own business

Than only it returns back to you

" Most of the time, I'm alone "

Business commitment have to provide to consumers

"Talent without working hard is nothing"

Training and practicing skills connects within Your Power

"I don't mind people hating me, because it pushes me"

There are two ways one is growing up another is going down ! Better going Up

" I don't have to show anything to anyone "

A business should focus solving consumers problem

"I was ironing my own clothes "

Every work has its own value

" I have two Golden Boot awards at home "

Must have trust and faith on Self

At the age of 18, Cristano Ronaldo joined the platform Manchester United

- Identify your self strength and weaknesses

Expensive strategies by  Cristiano Ronaldo

Resource: Twitter/powerlinekey/ pixabay