There are many benefits of small scale international business

Here are many business on trends now

Tourism is the business platform where you can start

A profitable small medium scale international business

Expanding my local business to global business-

7 business opportunties

Nr-1 A secure home stay service

Get tourism business professional service training

Nr-2 Travel planning

It helps travelers make a well-organized satisfactory tour plan.

Nr-3.  Hostel service business opportunities

You can also connect many professional hostel service provider platforms

Nr-4 Car and bike rental business opportunities:

Profitable  tourism business service worldwide

Nr-5 Film city business model

Providing a platform  to produce to produce cost-effective films.

Nr-6 Local food supply

it is made by personal care and love

Nr-7 Souvenir stores

Attracting tourist business model

Starting my business opportunities

Image source: pexels/powerlinekey